About Us & Exec!

HOPE’s Mission: 

Members of HOPE strive to provide reliable and relevant health information to encourage healthful choices in our community. Fifty HOPE advocates reduce risk for the W&M community primarily relating to the topics of healthy relationships and sexual violence prevention, mental health, sexual health, and substance and alcohol awareness. 

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Now let’s meet the Executive Board! 

President: Gabrielle Moses, Class of 2020


Major: Marketing

Minor: Educational Studies (Global Education)

Why Join HOPE?: I joined HOPE because a lot of people in my life have been negatively impacted by poor health decisions, and I wanted to be able to help other not make the same mistakes.

VP of Mental Health: Gracie Marks, Class of 2021


Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Public Health

Why Join HOPE?: I feel extremely passionate about HOPE because I “hope” (ha-ha) to make a positive difference within our W&M community by working with and for my peers in order to build a safe, healthy, and welcoming campus.

About Mental Health: 

The Mental Health branch of HOPE addresses the mental-health related needs and concerns of the W&M community with an emphasis on raising awareness and reducing stigma. To fulfill this mission, we have created a wide array of programming and presentations related to body image and eating disorders, stress reduction and positive psychology, minority mental health, neurodiversty and suicide prevention and more. If you have any questions pertaining to mental health please feel free to ask us and you can also request specific programming for your residence hall or organization.

Ongoing Programs:

  • Movements: What moves us to move others? Hear members of our community describe that their vulnerability is a sign of strength, not weakness. By choosing to be vulnerable and share our own stories, we can foster a culture of empathy, encourage help-seeking, create a safe space for others, and become a more resilient community.

VP of Healthy Relationships and Sexual Violence Prevention (HRSVP): Mikhala Stafford, Class of 2020


Major: Philosophy

Minor: Psychology

Why Join HOPE?: I wanted to get to work with other people who are passionate about health and wellness, and I wanted to grow from my own personal experiences and learn about other people’s.

About the Health Relationships and Sexual Violence Prevention 

The Healthy Relationships/Sexual Violence Prevention Branch promotes healthful relationships and educates on relational violence prevention and support. Throughout the year, the HR/SVP branch speaks with new students through the First Year Initiatives, raises awareness for relational violence through the Red Flag Campaign, and supports survivors through Sexual Assault Awareness Month, including a night of shared healing at Take Back the Night. HR/SVP is excited and prepared to program with organizations across campus to address the needs of students, including new member education and continuing discussions!

Ongoing Programs: 

  • Organizational presentations on sexual violence prevention
  • Healthy relationship building
  • Supporting survivors 101
  • Talking with your partner about sex, relationships, and more! (Joint Program with HR/SVP and Sexual Health)


VP of Substance and Alcohol Safety and Sensibility (SASS): Haley Gorman, Class of 2021


Major: Government

Why Join HOPE?: I joined hope because, after seeing firsthand the impact that the problems we address can have, I wanted to be able to direct the passion for advocacy that I’d developed into constructive solutions. I love the programming that we do and particularly seeing how we can target specific needs on campus to make change.

About SASS: 

Like all of HOPE, our main goal is empowering people to make informed choices and emphasize education rather than passing judgment. We are striving to have our peers define sensibility for themselves and form their own ethics about substances, alcohol, and nutrition. Our programs are primarily needs-based, like the “Looking After Your Little” program that has been created for campus organizations with Big/Littles or any mentoring program, as well as  As stated in our latest mixtape, “Make it NASD” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt6vgpkf1JY&app=desktop for your viewing pleasure), “Eat, hydrate, alternate — yeah, Tribe, you know!”

On Going Programs: 

  • Need-Based programs: Looking After Your Little/Mentoring for organizations with Bigs/Littles, Freshman Hall refreshers on alcohol/drug safety.
  • Six Snacks before Six Packs: Eating certain foods before consuming alcohol can be protective. Each fall, we show you what foods those are (and you can eat some, too!)
  • FYI Fliers: Look out for posters around campus about drugs that don’t pair well with each other or the consequences of study drugs.
  • Last Week of Classes: Our members create fliers and posters that you’ll catch around campus or viewed right in your classes about safety and events happening during the last day of classes!


VP of Sexual Health: Keely Cooperthite, Class of 2020


Major: CAMS (Mathematical Biology)  

Minor: English

Why Join HOPE?: I’ve always been passionate about sex education, and felt that it was an often overlooked aspect of health and wellness. Being able to bring vital information and choices to people on campus is important to me.

About Sex Health: 

At our core, we strive to help every student define their own sexual ethics. The Sexual Health Branch of HOPE is dedicated to educating the campus on issues pertaining to safer sex, contraception, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), healthy relationships, and other issues pertaining to sexual health. Last year we launched a successful basic sexual health initiative and a condom distribution program. Our programming has featured an RA STI Board Challenge, Contraceopardy, and collaborations with other branches. At a weekly Sexual Health meeting you can expect to discuss the sex needs of the campus, debate the length of the average penis, and banter about a sexy icebreaker, all within the first 15 minutes. We always plan to continue our basic sex programming while working collaboratively on a number of innovative sex programming.

Request Condoms for your Residence Hall or refill an empty condom bowl on campus:


Treasurer: Luke Allen, Class of 2020


Major: Economics

Minor: Business Analytics

Why Join HOPE?: HOPE is an amazing program that does fantastic work for our fellow students. I joined to make a positive difference, as well as to be someone people could approach if they needed help or had any questions.


Membership/Recruitment: Allie Moyer, Class of 2021


Majors: Chemistry & Public Health

Why Join HOPE?: I saw how HOPE was making a positive difference in our campus community and wanted to learn how I could be a part of that.


Outreach: Kailyn Gyuricsko, Class of 2020


Majors: Accounting and Psychology

Why Join HOPE?: HOPE is an amazing organization filled with dedicated and passionate people, and I wanted to make an impact on campus by helping others progress on their own individual wellness journeys, no matter what stage they are in.


Diversity Liaison: Cam Shifflett, Class of 2020


Majors: Psychology & Linguistics

Why Join HOPE?: I wanted to make this campus feel more like a home to everyone and ultimately make a healthy difference in my peers’ lives, in any way I could.


Media Director: Leslie Weber, Class of 2020


Majors: Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Why Join HOPE?: I wanted the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and make a difference on campus. It has helped me grow both as a person and as a leader.